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crowdfunding campaigns

Ready to get funded?, we help you to do it

At Panasia Solutions, we are ready and willing to help with the individual aspects of your campaign to take you to the next level.

Kickstarter & indiegogo campaigns

Our PR, marketing, and strategic planning team is dedicated to helping you reach your crowdfunding goal by offering a high level of expertise. We guarantee you attention to detail, honest communications, and cost-effective solutions based on your situation and goals.

From simple SEO and social media outreach, to multi-faceted crowdfunding campaigns, we can help you reach your
goals and help bring your product to market, whether that be independent and online, or retail box stores.


Our social media and crowdfunding services include:

* The appointment of a Social Media Specialist who will handle your social media campaign.

* A dedicated Campaign Manager for the duration of your campaign.

* Consulting services from our crowdfunding consultants.

* Professional campaign design services to get your campaign optimized for conversions.

* Top level strategic guidance throughout your campaign development and execution.


For further information and follow up regarding existing products or your own OEM/ODM project, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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