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Retail packaging design

An amazing look for an amazing product

We realize every brand is different and our mission has always been to provide our valued customers with the highest quality packaging solutions customized to their specific needs. PanAsia Solutions has been providing turn-key solutions for years to major global and enterprising brands in the United States and in other countries around the world.

Color Management & TESTING

Is critical and helps to control your brand’s consistency across multiple sku’s on the shelf. Packaging needs to not only be visually appealing to consumers, it must also be rugged enough to  protect your product, your investment,  from damage and/or the environment. PanAsia Solutions conducts drop testing, abrasion testing, temperature and humidity testing, ISTA testing and just about any other testing protocols required depending on the industry, brands and retailer that we work with.  We can customize programs to fit your specific needs, just let us know!

Material Selection

Every material reacts differently dependingon the print treatment, absorption factor, current humidity level and many other characteristics. The weights of the product and every accessory outlined in your bill of materials has its own unique properties in regard to balance and overall weight distribution.

Packaging Layout

We go beyond the parts themselves and devote extra attention to their unique interplay within your packaging. Loose and moving parts in targeted areas that pose rub and friction risks, high-tension and pressure-points, all affect each other and must be carefully analyzed.

Shipping Optimization

We help you to optimize your packaging to reduce costs, ensuring your product reaches the market in perfect condition and in the critical time-frame you promise your customers.


For further information and follow up regarding existing products or your own OEM/ODM project, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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