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We have over 20 years experience refining, and producing branded consumer products for sale and distribution in markets throughout the world.  From Upstream suppliers to final assembly and QC, we have your manufacturing covered.

PanAsia  Solutions (PAS) has more than 20 years experience designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality products destined for markets throughout the world.  We are a customer centric company focused on leveraging our experience and connections in China to provide an efficient, lean and  secure environment for development of the cutting edge products our partners depend on to drive sales and grow their business.  

PAS can trace its roots  in  manufacturing  and  retail  distribution  from  Asia  back  to  the  1980’s and possesses the  foundations and knowhow needed to bring  new  and  innovative  technologies  to  market  through focus  on  proper  development  and  manufacturing  principles  that  ensure  quality,  speed,  cost  efficiency  and  protection  of  our supply  chain  and  client IP.

PAS has branched out from an initial  focus  on  the  manufacture  of  consumer goods and electronic accessories such as TV  mounts, furniture  tablets, and mobile phones and  various other  electronic  accessories to a broadly based business that takes into account on our clients’ specialty needs.  Our  cross-disciplinary  strength  sets  Panasia  apart  from  other  companies  and  has  allowed  us  to  take  the  lead  in  the  field  of  ODM  consumer  goods  given  our  experience  and  connections  from  design  to  retail  store  and  brand  customers.    Our  attention  to  detail,  focus  on  our  customers  and  intimate  knowledge  of  product  development  in  China  for  large  retail  brands  places  us  uniquely  qualified  to  help  work  with  various  firms  from  Indiegogo/Kickstarter  start-up  to  large  established  companies.

We  are  focused  on  providing  needed  engineering  and  manufacturing  solutions  on  a  per  project  basis.     Reach  out  to  us  today  and  let’s make amazing things together!

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